Annually, on the second Saturday of July

Celebrating Cuthbert Grant ...

Annually on the second Saturday of every July we celebrate the life of Cuthbert grant, who died on this very day 160+ years ago, after making countless contributions and sacrifices for the Métis people and Red River Settlement. Cuthbert Grant, Métis leader, is best known for the Victory of Frog Plain, where he (along with his men) fought for their historic trading rights against Governor Robert Semple and the Hudson’s Bay Company. Grant stood up for his people and against the colonial oppression the Métis Nation faced. After the battle, Grant flew the flag of the Métis Nation, declaring la nouvelle nation (the new nation). Grant also established a Métis community located west of the Red River Settlement on the Assiniboine River. This community was initially named Grantown, though it was later named St. François Xavier. Wheat was an important food source for the community, so Grant built a mill (thus know as our location; Grant’s Old Mill) to grind wheat into flour. It was the first watermill west of the Great Lakes. Today, our mill is a replica of Cuthbert Grant’s original mill — which sits on Sturgeon Creek here in Winnipeg.

Here's This Year's Schedule of Events:


The Forces of Lord Selkirk

Encouraged to go west by Lord Selkirk to join the settlement at Red River, a group of former soldiers became settlers to seek new opportunities on the prairies in 1817. We demonstrate skills of musket proficiency. We also demonstrate military drill as it was performed during the War of 1812 and continued during our role as a community constabulary at Red River beginning in 1817.


Spence Tradition

Youth entertainers have been bringing together lively fiddle music and a variety of traditional dances for the past 10 years. Specialties include the Métis Sash Dance, Orange Blossom Special and, of course, the Red River Jig! Ryan Spence plays the fiddle, while sister Clarissa Spence and cousin Taylor Spence dance. Inspired by grandparents and great grandparents, who could also fiddle and jig, is why we chose the name Spence Tradition.


Duncan Mercredi Poetry

Duncan Mercredi is a Cree and Métis poet from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Mercredi was born in Misipawistik Grand Rapids, Manitoba, where he grew up. At sixteen he moved to Cranberry Portage, Manitoba, where he attended high school and moved to Winnipeg shortly thereafter. He has written four volumes of poetry.


Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter BBQ

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter is a non-profit charity committed to providing a euthanasia-free environment for unwanted animals through the provision of interim care and arrangement of adoptions to suitable owners. Grant’s Old Mill is pleased to partner with them for their fundraising BBQ at Cuthbert Grant Day.


Event Schedule

– 10:45 speeches and welcome

– 11:00 FoLS demonstration
(about 30 minutes each, including a rifle firing — 30 min)

– 11:45 Spence family (1 hour)

– 1:00 storytelling by Duncan Mercredi

– 2:15 FoLS demonstration
(about 30 minutes each, including a rifle firing — 30 min)

– 2:45 wrap up


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Grant’s Old Mill is located on Treaty 1 territory, the traditional lands of the Anishinaabe, Cree, Oji-Cree, Dene, and Dakota Peoples, and the homeland of the Métis Nation.