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Grants Old Mill in need of restoration as building starts to deteriorate

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The organization tasked with operating Grant’s Old Mill said the structure needs repairs thanks to aging and environmental wear and tear.


St. James-Assiniboia Pioneer Association President Reg Sims said the organization noticed the mill’s logs started to deteriorate a few years ago.


“It was built using materials and methods that would have been similar to what would have been done in the 1820s when the original mill was built. So, of course, 50 years now, the logs are starting to deteriorate,” he explained.


According to the Manitoba Historical Society, the mill is a working replica of Cuthbert Grant’s original water-powered mill built at a site in Sturgeon Creek in 1829. A working recreation was erected there in 1974 as part of Winnipeg’s centennial celebrations.


The mill is owned by the City of Winnipeg and operated as a museum and historical site. The St. James-Assiniboia Pioneer Association is contracted to run its programming and tours.

Sims said there were no trees around the mill when it was originally built. That has changed in the mill’s decades-long tenure, speeding up the degradation of the structure.


“Over the years, the area around the mill, because it’s right on the creek bed, a lot of trees just grew. You know, seeds were dropped and whatever,” Sims said.


“We just had some wild trees growing around the building and they were right against the building, so they were rubbing against the wood. They were shielding the logs from breathing properly, so there was a lot of concerns about them, and so to do the assessment and whatever remediation we have to do, I think there were five trees removed.”


Sims said the building will be assessed Tuesday by a structural engineering company and a log building specialist from Parks Canada. From there, a plan will be made on how to restore the building.


“Then we also have to do things like fundraise, and get the funds to do this work,” he said, noting planning is still very much in the early stages.


Sims said it is important to restore the mill because of its historical significance, marking not only Manitoba’s shift from a hunting and trapping economy to an agricultural one, but also a vital time in the Metis nation.


“We really try and talk a lot about the story about Cuthbert Grant. He was really the first person to identify the Metis people as a distinct nation. He was a generation before Louis Riel. He was very important,” he said.


“There are a lot of stories in there that we can share with people and talk a little bit about what life was like in those days.”


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Message from Stacey Jones

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My name is Stacey (Smith) Jones and I have been appointed as Steward of Siol Cudbright Sept by the St. James Assiniboia Pioneer Association with the approval of Sir James Grant of Grant.


I am a direct descendant of Cuthbert Grant. My hope is to bring Cuthbert Grant descendants together to make connections and learn more about my heritage.


I live in Winnipeg, a stone’s throw from Grant’s Old Mill with my husband and two children. I have been teaching for sixteen years as a Music Specialist in the Winnipeg School Division.


I am looking forward to my appointment as Steward.





Stacey Jones


Stacey Jones appointed Steward of the Siol Cudbright Sept

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The Board of the St James Assiniboia Pioneer Association is pleased to announce the appointment of Stacey Jones as the new Steward of Siol Cudbright Sept, effective April 1, 2020.


The Siol Cudbright Sept is an offshoot of the Clan Grant, which includes the Métis descendants of Cuthbert Grant Sr. of Cromdale. The Sept was formed in 2012 by order of Sir James Grant of Grant, the 33rd Chief of Clan Grant.


Ms. Jones is a direct descendant of Cuthbert Grant. As Steward, she hopes to facilitate bringing the many Cuthert Grant descendants together and re-establishing and strengthening bonds of kinship and friendship at two gatherings this summer being held at Grants Old Mill Museum.


The first event is Cuthbert Grant Day on July 11, 2020 which is part of the Manitoba150 Celebration. The second event is Pioneer Days on August 8. Both of these events will showcase the Mètis and pioneer lifestyles of the mid 1800's through music, dancing and exhibits, as well as with tours of the Grants Old Mill museum. The museum also is home to a fairly large genealogical compilation of the Cuthbert Grant descendants which is accessible by anyone researching their family histories.


Stacey can be contacted at:

Country Cousins

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Clan Grant Canada Online ll Group - Coming Events


Project Canadian Cousins

2020 will be the 700th anniversary of Scotland's Declaration of Independence. Starting this summer, 2019, the Grantown Museum at Grantown On Spey, Scotland is celebrating by introducing Project Canadian Cousins.

A large part of the project concentrates on the histories of those Scots who left the Grantown On Spey area (see map) and became part of the Canadian fur trade.

Descendants of those Scots are invited to participate by drafting their histories and emailing them to Eileen Stewart at:

The histories should include known details such as names, dates and places of origin and settlement - and your contact information.

With good responses and a little luck old acquaintances may be renewed and histories rediscovered.

The project opens this summer, so start working your keyboard and get your stories submitted asap to Eileen Stewart: at

The project will continue through 2020 with plans to expend it into a larger, permanent project/exhibition.

Contact Ken Fluto for further information

Presentation to Grants Old Mill

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The St James Assiniboia School Division presents a generous donation to Grants Old Mill. This donation is in recognition of free tours of the Mill to Division teachers and their classes.